The message behind the brand

Apr 25 , 2019

Kaziah Robinson

The message behind the brand

"You cannot change the world by being just like it." -Unkwon

Unorthodox Fashions is a vision of hope and restoration aimed toward the lower economic communities and more specifically young African Americans. It originally started out as a concept for clothing and fashion between myself, Quintina Hairston and my daughter Kaziah Robinson. After reflecting over our own personal journeys and witnessing the dire need for unity and restoration within our families and communities, we decided to make the clothing line something bigger than just us. With this line, we aim to rebuild local communities and give back. We understand that Rome was not built in a day, however, the bigger picture is to strive to change a life each day in hopes to make a difference and instill motivation within our hope-deprived communities.

Unorthodox Fashions is more than just a brand, it is art and creativity sewn together in every stitch, with each piece having a story to tell.